The benefits for contract labour are numerous and quite obvious to many of our clients. The use of contract labour eliminates the need for companies to spend unnecessary time and money on the following:

Reasons why Companies should consider Outsourcing

  • With reference to the “Basic Conditions of Employment Act” and that of other sectorial industries, it has become apparent that all sectors of trade need to comply within that of the prescribed industries, and that casual/irregular labour supplier or employers has become restrictive, complicated and most of all very time consuming and intensively administrative, creating a burden for the medium to small business market
  • The nature of our economic growth requires that companies have a flexible manpower supply due to costs, thus ensuring that the companies remain cost effective and competitive
  • Recruitment has now become more specialized, sources very limited and it is hard to find efficiently qualified personnel. Due to our client base, we are able to move skills between clients, ensuring that the individual, our employee, is kept employed and available when required
  • Unnecessary training costs
  • Taxation administration costs
  • Excessive public liability premiums
  • Timeously payments of all statutory deductions and levies
  • ID, License, PDP, Criminal and Reference checks done with all employees

The benefits for contract labour are numerous and AQUILA can offer this service with pride and within that of the prescribed sections of the law, meeting All statutory requirements and regulations.

  • Aquila guarantees that skilled artisans are able to produce suitable trade papers
  • Aquila guarantees that we are able to supply suitable labour to meet your requirements within all sectors of industry
  • Aquila guarantees that all our recruits are thoroughly assessed by our consultants
  • Aquila guarantees that we are able to supply both nationally and international
  • Aquila employees qualify for FULL BENEFITS as required by the various bargaining councils regulating such industry

AQUILA is registered with following institutions, and other statutory regulators, ensuring you that we operate within the required parameters.

  • Department of Labour
  • UIF
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • VAT
  • National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight Industry
  • Metal and Engineering Industry Bargaining Council
  • BBBEE Level 2
  • Sage VIP Payroll System
  • OHSAS Management System



You no longer need to: Run a weekly / monthly payroll, carry extra staff in your employ when not required, waste time of staff administration issues, spend time negotiating with unions, or deal with the CCMA.

We trust that our ability, reliability and versatile approach attract your attention, and assure you that we will become your preferred supplier.